Powershell 7 Debugging Secret

2 min read - Jul 18, 2020

Powershell 7 introduced a new feature that not many people on the internet seem to know yet. I’m talking about -ErrorAction mode Break This new error action mode allows you to start a debugging session at the time a script reaches an error. Sounds easy right? Let’s try it out! Disclaimer: I usually haven’t use the debugger, I’m one of those that usually start running commands one by one on the console to see where the code breaks 😅.

The Unknown Powershell Cmdlets Everyone Should Know About

2 min read - Nov 22, 2019

Have you ever thought…I wish I have known this earlier!? With PowerShell, it is pretty common not to be aware of some of the features or options it has. It takes the time read the documentation and at the time you (I) find a way to do X, you (I) will probably skip reading the documentation. However, across experience and seeing others code, I have found some cmdlets, I wish I have known before!